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Attaching a NAS Controller

This topic describes the prerequisites and procedures for attaching a NAS Controller.


Before attaching a NAS controller to a controller pair, refer to your hardware documentation for information to obtain and verify the following information and NAS controller physical state:

Obtain the service tag identification number for the NAS controller you want to attach.
The NAS controller is connected to the networks and power supplies.
The NAS controller is powered on and in standby mode.
All network ports are connected to the appropriate switches, especially the SAN network ports.
Ensure that IPV6 is enabled in your switch stack.
Make sure that no NAS controllers are down and not detached. You cannot attach a NAS controller if a NAS controller in the NAS cluster is down, but not detached.


To attach a NAS controller:

1. Click Group Configuration, then expand Members.
2. Click a NAS member and, if necessary, expand it to display and select the required NAS controller name.
3. Click Attach NAS controller.
4. In the Attach NAS controller dialog box, select the NAS controller that you want to attach to the NAS cluster. You can identify a NAS controller by its service tag

Note:  If the desired NAS controller does not appear, verify the physical state and network connections for the NAS controller and then click Rediscover to refresh the list of NAS controllers in the dialog box.

5. After selecting the NAS controller, click the Attach NAS controller button.

A progress window appears, showing the progress of the attach NAS controller operation. This operation might take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Note:  Wait for the attach NAS controller operation to complete before starting another long-running operations, such as an add NAS controller pair, detach NAS controller, or NAS reserve resize operation.

After attaching a NAS controller, you must rebalance the client connections. 

If the attach NAS controller operation fails, see Handling a Failed Attach NAS Controller Operation.

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