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Obtaining the Firmware Kit

Before updating firmware, you must download the firmware kit from the Dell EqualLogic customer support website (support.dell.com/equallogic) to a computer.

Requirement:  The computer must have network access to each group member you are updating. You can use the ping command to test network connectivity between computers and members.

To download the firmware kit:

1. Use a web browser to access the Dell EqualLogic customer support website (support.dell.com/equallogic). Click Support and log in to a support account. Create an account if you do not have one.
2. In the Downloads area, select the update kit (tar or zip file) that is right for your operating system and download the kit. The kit size is approximately 15 MB.
3. Extract the kit file.


Updating Firmware

You can use the firmware update procedure to upgrade PS Series firmware to a higher version or downgrade firmware to a lower version.

Requirement:  Only the default administrator account, grpadmin, can use the GUI to update firmware.

To update the firmware on a group member:

1. On the computer to which you downloaded the firmware kit, start the Group Manager GUI and log in to the grpadmin account.
2. Click:

Group Configuration > Advanced

The Group Advanced window appears (Figure: Group – Advanced).

3. In the Member Firmware panel, click Update firmware on group members.
4. In the confirmation dialog box, enter the grpadmin account password and click OK.

Figure: Firmware Update Confirmation

5. In the Select Firmware Update File dialog box, browse to the location of the firmware kit file, select the file, and click Open.

Note:  If this Select Firmware Update File dialog box does not open automatically, click Browse in the Firmware Update dialog box (Figure: Firmware Update).

6. The Firmware Update dialog box (Figure: Firmware Update) shows the current firmware on each group member and whether the kit firmware is an earlier version, a later version, or the same version.

In the row with the member that you want to update, click the link in the Action column. Depending on the current member firmware and the kit firmware, the Action column displays:

Update – Kit firmware is different from the member firmware.
Upgrade – Kit firmware is a higher version than the member firmware.
Downgrade – Kit firmware is a lower version than the member firmware.
Reinstall – Kit firmware is the same version as the member firmware.
Apply patch – Kit firmware is a patch.

Figure: Firmware Update

During the update operation, the Status column displays progress.

7. When the Action column in the Firmware Update dialog box displays Restart, click Restart and then click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

Notes:  The connection to the Group Manager GUI may be briefly interrupted while the member restarts, but the connection will be restored automatically.

When the member is offline during the restart operation, the member status may not display correctly because an offline member cannot report status.

When the member restarts, the member status shows that the firmware is up to date (Figure: Firmware Update – Complete).

Figure: Firmware Update – Complete

8. Repeat Step 6 and Step 7 for each member that you want to update.

Recommendation:  Between updating members, wait for the SAN to stabilize before continuing with the update. For example, make sure that all members and volumes are online.

9. After you update all the group members, click Close in the Firmware Update dialog box.
10. Close and restart the GUI to make sure the GUI is consistent with any new features in the new firmware.

If you shut down the hosts during the update, you can restart the hosts.

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