Using Local Administration Accounts

To manage local group administration accounts, click:

Group Configuration > Administration tab

The Group Administration window appears (Figure 4: Group Administration ). The Administration Accounts panel displays the default grpadmin account and any local accounts that you have created.

To create a local account, click Add. The Create Account – General Settings dialog box appears (Figure 5: Create Account - General Settings ).

Figure 5: Create Account - General Settings

Specify information in the following fields:

After entering the general settings, click Next. The Create Account – Account Permissions dialog box appears (Figure 6: Create Account - Account Permissions ).

Figure 6: Create Account - Account Permissions

Select the type of account.

For pool administrator accounts, also select the pool or pools that the account can manage. Optionally, you can allow a pool administrator to monitor the entire group by clicking Read access to entire group.

By default, the checkbox for Enable administration account is selected. De-select the checkbox to disable the account and prevent someone from using it to log in to the group.

After specifying the account type, click Next. The Create Account – Contact Information dialog box appears (Figure 7: Create Account - Contact Information ).

Figure 7: Create Account - Contact Information

After entering the optional contact information, click Next. The Create Account – Summary dialog box (Figure 8: Create Account - Summary ) appears, displaying a summary of the account information.

If the information is satisfactory, click Finish to create the account.

Figure 8: Create Account - Summary

Group administrators can modify accounts in the following ways:

Notes: You cannot modify the name of an administration account. Instead, you must delete the account and then add it again with the new name.

You cannot disable or delete the grpadmin account.

If you change an account type and are using an external RADIUS authentication server, make sure to change the corresponding vendor-specific attribute for the account type. See Table 1: Vendor-Specific Attributes for more information.

To modify or delete an account, in the Group Administration window (Figure 4: Group Administration ), select the account and click Modify or Delete. Change the account information or confirm that you want to delete the account, as desired.