Restoring a Volume from a Snapshot

You can restore a volume from a snapshot. The restored volume will contain the data that existed in the base volume at the time the snapshot was created and will have the volume’s name, iSCSI target name, and thin-provisioning setting. The snapshot will still exist after the restore operation.

After the volume restore completes, you can set the volume online and reconnect iSCSI initiators to the volume. You can also change the volume properties, if desired.

Before the restore operation begins, a snapshot of the current volume state is automatically created. If the restore operation fails, or if for any reason you want to return to the current volume state, you can restore the volume from this snapshot, which is named according to the normal rules for naming snapshots (volume name followed by the date and time the snapshot was created).

Notes: The volume and snapshot must be offline during the restore operation.

All members that contain data from the base volume or the snapshot must be online to restore the volume from the snapshot.

Before restoring a volume from a snapshot, be sure to disconnect any iSCSI initiators from the volume. Otherwise, the restored volume may be corrupted when initiators reconnect to it.

To restore a volume from a snapshot, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect any iSCSI initiators from the volume. Follow the instructions for your operating system and initiator.
  2. Set the volume offline by clicking:

    Volumes >
    volume_name > Set volume offline
  3. Set the snapshot offline by clicking:

    Volumes >
    volume_name > snapshot_timestamp > Set snapshot offline
  4. Restore the volume from the snapshot by clicking:

    Volumes >
    volume_name > Restore from snapshot

    The Restore volume from snapshot dialog box appears.

Figure 8: Restore Volume from Snapshot

  1. Select the snapshot from the list and click OK to restore the volume.