Resets an array to the factory defaults (original condition). The reset command requires you to confirm that you want to perform the operation.

Before resetting an array, call your array support provider.

Caution: The reset command irretrievably eliminates all group, member, and volume configuration information and any volume data on the array. The array will not be able to connect to a group until you add it to the group.

If an array is a member of a multi-member group, it is highly recommended that you remove the member from the group, which automatically runs the reset command. This will move any volume data residing on the array to the remaining group members if possible. See member delete for more information.

If the array is the only remaining member of a group, run the reset command. (You cannot remove the last member of a group.)

To access the CLI to run the reset command, see Running Array Management Commands.

Once connected to the array (either through a serial connection or a network connection to an IP address assigned to a network interface), press the <Enter> key and log in to a group administration account that has read-write permission (for example, the grpadmin account). At the CLI prompt, enter the reset command. After confirming that you want to reset the array, network connections are closed.




In the following example, telnet is used to connect to the array. When you run the reset command and confirm the request, the network connection closes: 



Connected to


PS Series Storage Arrays

login: grpadmin



                  Welcome to Group Manager

            Copyright 2001 - 2007 EqualLogic, Inc.


psg22> reset

Warning: This command resets an array to the factory

defaults (original condition). The result is the

elimination of all group and volume configuration

information and any volume data residing on the array.


Before resetting an array that is a member of a group,

it is recommended that you delete the member from the



Reset this array to factory defaults? [n/DeleteAllMyDataNow]>


Connection closed by foreign host.