Removing a Member from a Group

You can remove a member from a multi-member group while the group is online and data remains available. You cannot remove the only member from a group.

After a member is removed from the group, it is automatically reset, which eliminates all group, member, and volume information and any volume data residing on the member.

Removing a member will decrease the overall storage capacity of the group and also the storage pool to which the member is assigned. Any volume data located on the removed member must be vacated and moved to the remaining pool members.

If you attempt to remove a member and the remaining pool members do not have enough space to hold the volume data, you will receive an error message telling you that there is not enough space, and the remove operation will not start until you free enough pool space.

The time to complete a member removal depends on the amount of volume data that must be moved to the remaining pool members. While data is being moved, the member status is vacating.

To remove an online member from the group, click:

Members > member_name > Delete member

The Delete Member dialog box appears (Figure 17: Delete Member ). Click yes to confirm that you want to delete the member.

Figure 17: Delete Member

In some cases (for example, if the member has experienced a catastrophic failure), you must remove a member that is offline. Follow the same procedure as for removing an online member. However, an error message will appear indicating that the vacate has failed, which means that the data could not be moved to the other pool members. When prompted, confirm that you want to remove the member.