Modifying a Snapshot Collection

You can modify the name and description for a snapshot collection created from a volume collection and also for a custom snapshot collection. The name and description appear in the Snapshot Collection windows (Figure 14: Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection and Figure 15: Custom Snapshot Collection ).

When you create snapshots of the volumes in volume collection, the default name for the snapshot collection is the volume collection name followed by the date and time when the snapshot collection was created.

The default name for a custom snapshot collection is the name you specified when performing the multi-volume snapshot operation followed by the date and time when the custom snapshot collection was created.

To modify a snapshot collection created from a volume collection, click:

Volume Collection > collection_name > snapshot_collection_timestamp

The Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection window appears (Figure 14: Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection ).

To modify a custom snapshot collection, click:

Volumes > volume_name > snapshot_timestamp > View snapshot collection

The Custom Snapshot Collection window appears (Figure 15: Custom Snapshot Collection ).

From either window, click Modify snapshot collection in the Activities panel. The Modify Snapshot Collection Settings window appears (Figure 16: Modify Snapshot Collection Settings ).

Figure 16: Modify Snapshot Collection Settings

Modify the snapshot collection name and description, as needed, and click OK.