Displaying Snapshot Collection Status

You can display the snapshot collections created from a volume collection. You can also display the custom snapshot collections created from a multi-volume snapshot operation.

Snapshot collections appear under the volume collection name in the far left panel, identified by the timestamp when the snapshot collection was created. Individual snapshots appear under the volume names with the same timestamp.

To display the snapshot collections created from a volume collection, click:

Volume Collection > collection_name > Snapshots tab

The Volume Collection Snapshots window appears (Figure 13: Volume Collection Snapshots ), displaying the snapshot collections for the volume collection.

Figure 13: Volume Collection Snapshots

The snapshot collection status can be the following:

In the Snapshots panel, expand a snapshot collection to view the snapshots in the collection. Select a snapshot to display related tasks in the Activities panel. For example, you can modify the volume’s snapshot settings, clone a snapshot, set a snapshot online, change the permission for the snapshot (read-write or read-only), or delete the snapshot.

To display details about a snapshot collection, double-click a snapshot collection in the Snapshots panel or click:

Volume Collection > coll_name > timestamp

The Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection window appears (Figure 14: Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection ), displaying status of the snapshot collection and its snapshots.

Figure 14: Volume Collection - Snapshot Collection

The Snapshot Collection Status panel shows the integrity of the snapshot collection, in addition to the modification status of the snapshot collection:

The Snapshots panel shows detailed information about the snapshots in the collection. Double-click an individual snapshot to display the Snapshot Status window, which shows details about the snapshot. See Displaying Snapshot Configuration and Status for more information about snapshot status.

A custom snapshot collection is not associated with a volume collection. Therefore, to display information about a custom snapshot collection, you must know the timestamp of the snapshots in the collection.

To display a custom snapshot collection, click:

Volumes > volume_name > snapshot_timestamp

The Snapshot Status window appears. In the General Snapshot Information panel, click View snapshot collection. The Custom Snapshot Collection window appears (Figure 15: Custom Snapshot Collection ), displaying the status of the custom snapshot collection and the volume snapshots.

A custom snapshot collection is indicated by the text temporary collection in the Volume collection field.

Figure 15: Custom Snapshot Collection