Shuts down and restarts an array.

When you restart an array, there is no loss of member, volume, or group configuration information and no loss of volume data. When the restart completes, the member rejoins the group automatically. Volumes with data located on the member will be unavailable until the restart completes.

Note: Restarting an array should only be done as part of updating array firmware. Do not repeatedly restart an array.

To access the CLI to run the restart command, see Running Array Management Commands.

Once connected to the array (either through a serial connection or a network connection to an IP address assigned to a network interface), press the <Enter> key and log in to a group administration account that has read-write permission (for example, the grpadmin account). At the CLI prompt, enter the restart command.

After confirming that you want to restart the array, any network connections are closed, and the array is shut down. Then, the array automatically restarts.

Note: If you physically connect a serial cable to the secondary control module and run the restart command, only the secondary control module will be restarted. To restart both control modules, connect the cable to the active control module (ACT LED will be green) and run the restart command.




In the following example, telnet is used to connect to the array. When you run the restart command and confirms the request, the network connection closes:



Connected to


               EqualLogic, Inc. - Storage Arrays


login: grpadmin



                  Welcome to Group Manager

          Copyright 2001 2006 EqualLogic, Inc


psg22> restart

Do you really want to restart the system? (yes/n) [n] y

Connection closed by foreign host.