Clears lost data blocks on an array.

Caution: Before using the clearlostdata command, call your support provider.

Use the clearlostdata command when blocks have been lost but the array does not know which blocks have been lost. In this case, the array will not be able to boot or will no longer be accessible from the network.

To access the CLI to run the clearlostdata command, see Running Array Management Commands.

Once connected to the array (either through a serial connection or a network connection to an IP address assigned to a network interface), press the <Enter> key and log in to a group administration account that has read-write permission (for example, the grpadmin account). The console will describe the problem and recommend that you use the clearlostdata command to try to correct the lost block problem. At the CLI prompt, enter the clearlostdata command.

The clearlostdata command may or may not be able to correct the entire lost blocks problem. In some cases, the problem may be corrected enough to boot the array. If volumes remain offline, you may not be able to recover the data on them. In these cases, you must delete the volumes, recreate them, and recover the data from a backup or replica.

If the array is a member of a group and the clearlostdata command is not effective, the array will not boot and you may need to delete the member from the group. If you delete the member, the array will be reset and returned to its factory defaults. Only delete an offline member in extreme circumstances because resetting the array will destroy any data on the array. See member delete for more information.




The following example shows how to log in to the grpadmin account from a console terminal and run the clearlostdata command on the array.

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login: grpadmin



                 Welcome to Group Manager

           Copyright 2001 2006 EqualLogic, Inc.


Data loss has occurred. The array will not initialize until the error condition has been cleared.



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